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donna kessinger projects


D. Kessinger is a contemporary artist, curator, and award-winning film director based in the New York Metropolitan area. Her work explores the genre of feminism through rich textures and the use of traditional and water-based oil paints, Liquitex and wax media on linen. Kessinger’s innovative curatorial practice is driven by collaboration and partnership with artists, institutions, and art-industry leaders, all through the lens of inclusion. Known for her video art and oral herstories of turn of the century feminist including Mary Beth Edelson, Nancy Spero, Janet Henry, Carolee Schneemann and Kate Millett. Kessinger leads the charge to archive and preserve feminist history.

Her video work has been screened at the Jersey City Museum, RedSaw Gallery (Newark NJ), Benjamin J. Dineen III and Dennis C. Hull Gallery, Gardenship Drive-in, Wavelength Pandemic Projects, and venues internationally as part of ARTFEM.TV. Kessinger’s video project Les Biens, is archived at the Rhizome Artbase at the New Museum, and her REPOhistory sign design is part of the NYU Fales Library and Special Collections Archive. Following her work on REPOhistory’s, Entering Buttermilk Bottom sign project, she produced an interview with Kate Millett for DykeTV, which screened on MNN. Kessinger was part of the Project Involve for Documentary cohort, Independent Feature Project, IFP in 2003. She has worked with numerous highly regarded artists, curators, and institutions including the Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art PS1. 

Kessinger has a BFA in sculpture from Kent State University and an MA in arts administration from the University of Kentucky.