press clippings

  1. ChaMatawan Gallery and Studios

    ChaShaMa Matawan: A Space for Artists By Elsie Johnson As part of Monmouth Arts’ 50th Anniversary, we’re taking time to showcase some of the nonprofit member groups that form the foundation of Monmouth Arts’ creative community. In this installment, we’re looking at ChaShaMa, an organization that provides spaces for artists…

  2. Una Mirada al Mundo de Rodolfo Rojas-Rocha

    Una Mirada al Mundo de Rodolfo Rojas-Rocha por Donna Rae Kessinger Este mes, El Playero les presenta a Donna Rae Kessinger, quien escribe sobre el artista Rodolfo Rojas Rocha de Costa Rica. Donna Rae Kessinger es Artista y Curadora, con base en el Area Metro de New York y enfoca

  3. Womyn’s Werq

    In Honor of Women’s History Month March 19,  2021 Donna Kessinger Curator at Studio Montclair, Manager of the ChaShaMa Matawan Studio and Gallery Mid-October 2020, during the last phase of a difficult political time in general, Susanna Baker, Executive Director of Studio Montclair (, reached out and asked me if…

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